Dissemination Actions

On Wednesday 30 November 2022, a hybrid workshop was held at the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry by the Knowledge and Innovation Community for the Blue Economy of the Municipality of Piraeus on “Digitization of the Supply Chain“.

On 14 and 15 December 2022, a two-day conference was held at the Piraeus Port Hall, organized by the Municipality of Piraeus with three actions: the Entrepreneurship Support Centre, the Centre for the Promotion of Start-ups and the Knowledge & Innovation Community for the Blue Economy of the Municipality of Piraeus & the University of Piraeus.

On 24 January 2023, a presentation was made to the President of the Council for Development and Competitiveness in Logistics, Professor A. Ziliaskopoulos and to the Head of the Logistics Development Service (YPANEF) of the Ministry of Development and Investment, Mrs. A. Nassou, Director of the Department of Finance and Investment Management.

On 17 February 2023 at DIVANI CARAVEL Hotel, the 1st Green Transport & Logistics Development Conference was organized by “Technoekdotiki / T-Press” with the support of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The Conference and in particular the panel attended by the members of the project team where the actions of the Digital Innovation Hub for eFTI were presented were attended by the Ministers of Finance, Labour and Development, among others.

On Friday, May 12, 2023, the Department of Industrial Management and Technology and the Postgraduate Program in Industrial Management and Technology organized a research conference on “Innovation in the Supply Chain” at the Conference Hall of the University of Piraeus.

Briefings of stakeholders – companies. Indicatively:

– Ioannis Matsas, Consultant at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Representative of Greece in the eFTI Development Council in the EU.

– Michalis Adamantiadis, President of EESYM (Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Transport Business Association).

– Iro Doumani, Director General of OFAE (Federation of Greek Truck Drivers)

– Konstantinos Papageorgiou, Co-owner and CEO of PTL Logistics and Transport Company, Vice President of the Hellenic Logistics Company.

– Konstantinos Achladitis, Managing Director of Golden Cargo, Vice President of the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry.