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eFTI White Paper
About eFTI

Digitalization of freight transport and logistics

Bringing the Future to the Present!

On the 15th of July 2020, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union (EU) approved the new Regulation on electronic freight transport information (eFTI). The aim of this Regulation is to encourage the digitalisation of freight transport and logistics to reduce administrative costs, improve enforcement capabilities of competent authorities, and enhance the efficiency and sustainability of transport.

In order to quickly provide a fully interoperable system for the safe and secure exchange of freight information between businesses and authorities, the EU stresses the need to strengthen cooperation towards an electronic Consignment Note (e-CMR) data exchange scheme that will allow cross-border control of digital transport documents in a secure and trustable way.

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Objectives of the eFTI


Compliance with international transport regulations is enforced. EU authorities are obliged to accept transport information electronically.


All resources are integrated into a single network of information systems, resulting in easier integration between partners and businesses.


National and/or regional joint access points vary, sometimes greatly, across countries. The new e-CMR and the interconnected network of applications and freight operators will result in greater standardization of processes and electronic documents exchanged.

Increased quality and efficiency

The nature of the new e-CMR automatically makes it easier for road transport operators to check and confirm cargo, reduces recurring errors and raises efficiency.


Compatible and interconnected IT infrastructures facilitate collaboration and enable supply chain partners to exchange messages and share information.

Decentralized Data Sharing and Control Infrastructure

An infrastructure that will ensure high security, data immutability and transaction transparency, with multiple points of control.

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